Kaori makes a variety of brazed plate heat exchangers. The most common type we see is the "K" Series. This is the most widely used in heating and cooling applications. 

List of Materials Used

  • Frames and Pressure Plates: Stainless Steel, Painted Carbon Steel
  • Bolts: Stainless Steel, Zinc-Coated Carbon Steel
  • Support Column: Stainless Steel, Painted Carbon, Aluminum
  • Plates: Stainless Steel, Nickel, Titanium

Pressure ratings range from 100 PSI to 300 PSI 

Common "K" Series Models

  • K025S
  • K030S
  • K040S
  • K050S
  • K060S
  • K070S
  • K095S
  • K105S
  • K200S
  • K205S
  • K210S
  • K215S