heat exchanger blank drawing

Take these forms to the job site or coil installation location. These can serve as a measuring guide for replacing coils. Fill them out then use them in our selection software or send them in to us.

Send Completed Drawings To:

Fax: 720.457.5031

Need a water coil that is too old and corroded to fix? Emergent coils can custom build a coil for a an exact fit. No matter if it's a 8 row chilled water coil or a 1 row hot water coil, we can get you an exact replacement to fit right in. Check out or list of blank drawings for the right style of coil you need.

Coil Tip: Casing Types

Galvanized casings are acceptable for many applications (and less expensive), however Stainless Steel is more resistant to corrosion and rusting. If you have a corrosive airstream or are performing dehumidification, Stainless Steel may be a superior choice.