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Emergent Coils understands how expensive and difficult it can be to get your Ultraline Mammoth bare tube replacement coils. For years we've been offering a replacement to these products at a lower cost, quicker lead time and higher quality. 

 Mammoth has a few types of coils. 

Evaporative Cooled Condensers Coils

These are bare tubed condenser coils that are water cooled. Simply the water falls on the tubing cooling the refrigerant in the tubes. 

Mammoth DX Coil

Air Cooled Condenser Coils 

This is a more common condenser coil with aluminum fins  and airflow through the coil. 

Mammoth DX Evaporator Coil

These DX coils are a typical tube and fin coils but can come in many sizes and multiple circuits per coil. 


All Mammoth replacement tube bundles and coils are built in The US and are typically a 3 to 4 week lead time. If you need it much sooner, we do have quick build options.

Email an Emergent Coils specialist today sales@emergentcoils.com or call 855-264-5669 for your free quote.