Commercial HVAC and Energy Facts and Figures

We specialize in coils for commercial HVAC systems, so we wanted to share some HVAC and energy statistics that we found on the U.S. Department of Energy’s website:

   Commercial buildings represent just under one-fifth of U.S. energy consumption, with office space, retail space, and educational facilities representing about half of commercial sector energy consumption.

   Commercial floor space and primary energy consumption grew by 58% and 69%, respectively, between 1980 and 2009. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) projects that they will continue to grow at slower rates between 2009 and 2035, 28% and 22%, respectively. Average energy prices, on the other hand, have been, and are expected to remain, relatively stable.

   The top three end uses in the commercial sector are space heating, lighting, and space cooling, which represent close to half of commercial site energy consumption.

 Two of the top three end uses of energy, space heating and space cooling, relate to commercial HVAC systems. That’s why it is important to make sure you have the correct coils installed in your commercial HVAC units and replace them as needed.

 To reduce energy consumption and keep costs down on your commercial HVAC systems, remember to:

  1. Make sure the materials used for tubes and fins are right for the space. While copper and aluminum are popular choices, there are times when other materials, like stainless steel, are a better choice.
  2. Use the most efficient number of rows in your coils.
  3. Use steam distributing coils instead of steam coils to reduce the possibility of freeze damage if your building is in a location where below freezing temperatures are normal.
  4. Clean your condenser coils on a regular basis to keep dirt and other debris from lowering performance and increasing energy consumption in your commercial HVAC system.

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