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Emergent Coils does more than simply sell coils for HVAC systems

At Emergent Coils, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our clients. No coil is too big or application too challenging.

While many of our customers already know what they need, we are always available to act as your coil consultant and problem solver. Here’s a sampling of questions we’ve answered and problems we’ve solved for our clients:

• Why did my coil fail?• I’ve replaced this coil before. Why does it keep corroding?• Should I use copper or another material for my tubes and fins?• What are the benefits of stainless steel?• Why does my evaporator coil keep leaking?• How do I clean a condenser coil?• My steam coils keep freezing. Is there a better option?• Why is the static pressure drop so high on my chilled water coil?• I need a custom coil built. Do you have anyone who can help with the design?• My hot water coil isn’t providing enough heat. What’s the problem?• If I give you the part number for my current coil, can I get a comparable replacement coil from you for less than an OEM coil?

If you are in need of a replacement coil, we’re available to help troubleshoot why the coil failed in the first place and come up with a solution to keep it from happening again. If a more efficient coil design is needed, we can help with design. Maybe the problem with your coil can be eliminated by selecting a different size coil or one made with different materials. If you have a frozen steam coil, you may need to switch to a steam distributing coil (often called a non-freeze steam coil) to reduce the chances of another coil failure.

Whatever the question or problem, give the coil experts at Emergent Coils a call at 1-855-Coil-Now to help you with your coil needs.

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