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Energy Efficiency Improvement Act of 2015

As an HVAC coil company, the passage of the Energy Efficiency Improvement Act of 2015 earlier this year impacts many of our customers. I wanted to provide an overview of the new law.

With goals to boost commercial energy efficiency and cut carbon emissions, the new law has three key focus areas:1. Better Buildings Act: A new voluntary energy program will be developed within the current Energy Star framework, called Tenant Star. Tenant Star will be the first government-approved certification for leased spaces and will help encourage tenants and owners to work together to invest in energy-saving systems and fixtures to cut greenhouse gases.2. Adopting New Regulations for Smart Grid-Enabled Water Heaters: Manufacturers of these water heaters will be now required to report to the DOE the amount of water heaters they ship out each year, but they won't be required to provide water heaters that have an EF of 2.0157 or better. On the operations side, utilities and demand response organizations will also have to report the amount of grid-enabled water heaters activated each year.3. Energy Information for Commercial Buildings: There will be benchmarking and public disclosure of energy usage for buildings, so facility managers and building occupants can better understand current energy performance level of their spaces.If information on energy usage of buildings was easily accessible, environmental advocacy groups and the general public could put pressure on building owners and businesses that were found to use an excessive amount of energy. The bad publicity could force buildings to upgrade old and inefficient HVAC equipment at a faster rate.In addition to higher spending on HVAC equipment, buildings may also have to invest in more comprehensive HVAC controls systems and spend more on service and maintenance of new equipment and controls.Emergent Coils is here to supply HVAC coils for all your commercial building needs. If you need a more efficient chilled water coil, hot water coil or steam coil Give us a call at 1-855-Coil-Now.

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