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Having trouble finding replacement tube bundles for Mammoth HVAC equipment?

If you’re looking for quality replacement evaporative condensing bare tube bundles for Mammoth HVAC equipment, look no further. Emergent Coils noticed a need for this type of heat exchanger, and we now carry evaporative condensing bare tube bundles. These tube bundles can be used to replace existing tube bundles or as OEM evaporative condensing bare tube bundles. Custom sizes are available.

Evaporative condensing units with bare tube bundles are ideal for use in commercial applications, such as hospitals, universities, office buildings, industrial complexes, production facilities, to name a few. These bare tube bundles are a critical component of the highly efficient condensing units manufactured by Mammoth and other brands of installed systems that utilize copper tube evaporative condensers.

Evaporative condensing units cool more efficiently than air-cooled units because the surface of the refrigerant tubes is sprayed with water, thereby allowing the tube bundles to reject more heat than in an air-cooled system with the same surface area and airflow. The bare tube bundles are constructed from copper to provide optimal heat transfer. The increased efficiency of the evaporative-cooled unit results in decreased energy usage and operational costs.

Installing new evaporative condensing bare tube bundles is an economical way to improve performance and extend the life of your existing Mammoth HVAC equipment, rather than replacing the entire unit. If you need help determining the tube bundle size and dimensions, our specialists are available to assist you.

We recommend upgrading or replacing bare tube bundles when systems are not at peak usage, if possible. Pre-planning allows you to save time and money, and limits inconveniencing the people working in your buildings.

For questions or to order evaporative condensing bare tube bundles, please contact us at 1-855-COIL-NOW (1-855-264-5669) or sales@emergentcoils.com.

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