How To Replace an Old ITT or Bell & Gossett Heat Exchanger

It doesn't matter how old the unit or what it is made from, if you have an old heat exchanger that needs to be replaced, we are your source. Emergent Coils offers direct replacements for ITT tube bundles and ITT heat exchangers. If just the tube bundle is leaking then save yourself some time and money and replace just the bundle. 

This is one of many old shell and tubes that we have replaced this year. Not much to look at but it gave us a starting point with the customer

We then asked the customer to send us a picture of the nameplate to get more information including the model number and date. These Bell and Gossett or ITT nameplates can be pretty beat up, but they still help. 

ITT Shell and Tube

Once we have determined what the unit is we are able to quote a complete unit replacement and just a tube bundle replacement. In this case customer went with the tube bundle replacement. 

ITT Tube Bundle

If you are in need of a replacement ITT Standard Tube Bundle or a Bell & Gossett Tube Bundle email a picture of the unit and we will have a quote back same day.