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Problems caused by dirty condenser coils

Dirty condenser coils are a fact of life. Because condenser units sit outside, dust and debris accumulate over time, keeping air from flowing through the unit. The extra stress on the system can cause your AC unit to blow a fuse, among other problems.

Condenser coils can be one of the most expensive elements of your air conditioning or refrigeration system. Condenser coils serve as one of the four main components in the refrigeration or air-conditioning cycle. Refrigerant enters as a superheated gas and condenses in the coil tubes as the air is heated, then leaves the coil as a liquid.

There are a variety of airborne particles that contribute to dirty condenser coils - dirt, weeds, cottonwood fuzz, vehicle emissions, fossil fuels burned for power, even sand and dust from unpaved roads. Since a dirty condenser coil limits the amount of air that can flow through the unit, its ability to transfer heat is greatly reduced. Some of the problems caused by a dirty condenser coil include:

  • Cooling efficiency can drop by more than 30%, making your system less than 70% effective.
  • The energy efficiency of the unit will drop significantly.
  • Energy consumption increases significantly.
  • The lifespan of the air conditioning or refrigeration unit is reduced.

There’s another problem that can occur simultaneously – corrosion. Corrosion from environmental sources, like the salty ocean mist found in coastal regions, or from toxic chemicals and other corrosive agents, can weaken condenser coils and reduce the ability of tubes and fins to transfer heat.

Dirty condenser coils lead to poor performance, increased energy consumption and premature failure of the entire system or related parts. If cleaning your dirty condenser coils doesn’t improve efficiency, it’s time to buy replacements coils. If you are in need of an Aaon, Carrier or Trane condenser coil, contact us at 1-855-Coil-Now or sales@emergentcoils.com today for standard or custom condenser coils.

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