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Selecting the best fan coil units for your property

Vertical stack fan coil units and vertical wall mount fan coil units are used in multi-unit buildings, including hotels, motels, apartments, condos, schools, dorms, hospitals and office buildings. We routinely provide replacements for old, inefficient fan coil units.

Standalone fan coil units have a motor, blower, coil and drain pan. These self-contained fan coil units are perfect for areas that aren’t connected to larger air conditioning and heating systems. Fan coils units are also designed to work as part of a larger HVAC system, and can be monitored and controlled from a central location.

Vertical Stack Fan Coil Units: Vertical stack fan coils are typically mounted onto or inside walls, with sound shields for quieter operation. Some vertical stack fan coils are master/slave combinations, with two separate fan coils designed to work together.

Because the fan coil units are vertical, they require a limited amount of floor space. These vertical stack fan coil units provide quiet, efficient performance and individual thermostat control. Installation of the fan coil units is easy, and units are low maintenance and cost-effective to operate.

The vertical stack fan coil units can be mounted directly onto or inside the wall, and units will accommodate a wide range of configuration requirements. Five models are available, ranging from 300-1,200 cubic feet per minute (CFM).

Vertical Wall Mount Fan Coil Units: Vertical wall mount fan coils are designed for exposed mounting, often placed under windowsills in offices and hotel rooms. Whether attached directly onto or inside the wall, we offer wall mount and floor mount vertical units that accommodate a wide range of configuration requirements. Six standard models are available, ranging from 200-1,200 CFM, along with four low-silhouette models (400-600 CFM). For high-static environments, consider ordering from the high-performance vertical concealed/ceiling mount series.

Emergent Coils offers a wide variety of ETL and AHRI certified fan coils, in both vertical and horizontal configurations. Give us a call at 1-855-Coil-Now for questions or to order fan coils.

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