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Thinking of making the switch from steam heat to hot water heat?

Since some of our customers order hot water coils as part of a conversion from a steam heat / steam coil system to a hot water heat / hot water coil system, we wanted to share some basic information with you. While the decision to switch your HVAC system from steam heat to hot water heat is based on your unique situation, there are a couple of common reasons people make the switch.

Energy efficiency: Buildings heated by steam use more energy than buildings with hot water distribution systems, because the boiler must heat the water to the point it becomes steam, which takes more energy than heating water just enough for a hot water system.

Comfort: Steam-heated buildings often have the problem of uneven heating because the system cannot be separated into zones, such as office suites or apartments. With hot water heating systems, buildings can be separated into zones, allowing individuals to regulate the temperature within their own zone.It can be more cost effective to switch from a two-pipe steam heating system than a single pipe system, since some parts of the two-pipe system, like the boiler, may not need to be replaced. If the existing boiler is in good condition and able to withstand the maximum water pressure of the proposed system, it can be converted to work with the new hot water system. Of course, if the existing boiler is old or inefficient, replacing the boiler makes sense.Contact us for more information about the best hot water coil option if you are thinking about making the switch from steam heat to hot water heat.

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